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Deepdive labour and social security law in France

The salary pay slip is a crucial document for both employee and employer. But the legal rules that determine the pay slip are numerous and often very complex, which implies that it is often to understand and draw-up a correct pay slip. It is therefore important to be familiar with the various rules of French employment law governing pay slips in order to ensure that they are calculated fairly, and to be able to apply them to practical cases where necessary. This training course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these rules and of the pay slip, so that you can then make your payroll practices secure.

Marguerite Ballarin

Information formation

2 days
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Deepdive labour and social security law in France - day 1
Deepdive labour and social security law in France - day 2
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  • Master the main principles of French employment law (labor law and social security).
  • Manage relations effectively with your employees who have a French employment contract.
  • Familiarise yourself with the specific features of French employment law.

Public cible


  • HR Managers and HR Officers 
  • Company directors, financial directors and accountants concerned with French employment law as it applies to Belgian companies
  • HR managers who want to give the right answers to questions from employees working in France
  •  Anyone concerned with employee representative bodies in France



This course on employment law in France, including reflections to the pay slip, will enable you to master the different rules that may apply in different situations. By alternating theory and practice, through discussions and asking questions, we will make this training as practical as possible.



The employment contract and working hours

- Scope of application

- Formalities on recruitment

- The employment contract

o General principles

o Trial period

o Working hours

o Sunday work

o Employee status

o Working from home

- Points to remember


The social security contributions

- Social Security in France: the principles (or: the social protection system in France?

- (Social Security) and URSSAF

- Retirement

- Provident schemes

- Health Fund

- Supplementary pensions


The employment of employees in France by international (non-French) companies

  • The obligations regarding social security
  • The fiscal rules
  • Local employment formalities to respect

Calculating the pay slip

- The pay slip

- Salary accessories

- Allowances and other deductions

- Benefits in kind

- Absences

o Public holidays

o Family-related leave

o Paid leave

o Maternity leave

o Paternity leave

o Non-occupational illness

o Accident at work and occupational illness


Termination of the employment contract

- The end of an employment contract with a fixed period

- Termination of the trial period

- Resignation

- Dismissal

- Retirement

- Death of the employee

Informations pratiques

Dates de début et location(s)
  • jeudi 15 février 2024 09:30 à 12:30
    Online (GoToMeeting, teams, zoom, ...)
  • jeudi 28 mars 2024 09:30 à 12:30
    Online (GoToMeeting, teams, zoom, ...)
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2 days


Marguerite  Ballarin

Marguerite Ballarin

Après plusieurs années à travailler en tant que gestionnaire de paie pour l'entreprise ADP GSI, j'ai souhaité me spécialiser dans la formation professionnelle, de façon à mieux transmettre mes connaissances sur le bulletin de salaire et son cadre juridique. Freelance depuis 2017, j'interviens dans le cadre de la formation initiale mais également de la formation continue, sur des thématiques allant de la présentation du bulletin de salaire au calcul du solde de tout compte, en passant bien évidemment par les cotisations sociales.